a few things i love…
I love sitting at the edge of the ocean immersed in the orchestra of sound the waves and sand create.
I love restoring damaged and neglected things or people back to their original beauty.
I love the powdery silhouette of an object cloaked with freshly fallen snow.
I love the calming rhythm of rolling fresh paint onto a wall.
I love walking in the rain without an umbrella at night.
I love many people, but few things.

a few things i don’t like…
I don’t like somebody asking me how I am doing as they are walking past me.
I don’t like riding roller coasters or watching scary movies.
I don’t like drinking out of a plastic cup or using a straw.
I don’t like Waffle House.
I don’t like ironing.

a few things i dream of doing one day…
I dream of watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade from a hotel window along the parade route.
I dream of traveling to Italy with my family to receive my first stamp in my passport.
I dream of being a grandmother and passing on the legacy of our family.
I dream of purchasing a home in Charleston.

I am a woman, daughter, sister, cousin, aunt, wife, and mother who follows Christ.
I am a best friend, friend, mentor, neighbor, and blogger who follows Christ.
I am forgiven much, which compels me to love much as I follow Christ.

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